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Ronny Someck - his works



Rafi Weichert - In search of lost time with measuring tape, reading Ronny Someck's poetry (2021)



Noa Shakargy, Yigal Shevars, Ketzia Alon - The Street's Word Of Honour, reading Ronny Someck's poetry
Israel (2018)



Yair Mazor - A Poet Writes the Blues
The Modern Hebrew Poetry of Ronny Someck
HenschelHAUS (2016)



Yair Mazor - Poetic Acrobat, the poetry of Ronny Someck

with works by various Israelic artists
translation by Marganit Weinberger-Rotman
Goblin Fern Press (2008)


Title Title in English What
1976 Goleh Exile poetry
1980 Solo Solo poetry
1984 Asfalt Asphalt poetry
1987 7 Shurot al pele ha-Yarkon Seven lines on the wonder of the yarkon poetry
1989 Bardales Panther poetry
1994 Bladi mery Bloody Mary poetry
1996 Gan Eden le-orez Rice paradise poetry
1998 Kaftor Hatzhok The laughter button book for children (with Shirly Someck)
2001 Ha-metofef shel ha-mahpekhah The revolution drummer poetry
2005 Machteret he-halav The milk underground poetry
2009 Alge'er Algeria poetry
2012 Monkey tough, monkey bluff Monkey tough, monkey bluff book for children (with Shirly Someck)
2013 Horse Power Horse Power poetry
2017 Revenge of the stuttering child Revenge of the stuttering child poetry
2020 So Much God So Much God poetry
2022 Hermes Hermes poetry
2022 The offside of love The offside of love Selected poems
2024 Fire Fire poetry