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Ronny Someck - his CD's

1997 - Revenge of the stuttering child (with Elliott Sharp, Tzadik Records, New York)

1999 - Poverty line (with Elliott Sharp, ZuTa Music, Tel-Aviv)

2001 - A short history of vodka (with Elliott Sharp, ZuTa Music, Tel-Aviv)

2010 - P.S. Blose about the real life (with Bluse Rosh Pina)

2011 - Drum's Solo (with P'gooay Mo'ach, Zimmer Recordings, Tel Aviv). Listen to the cd > here

2011 - Blues to the Cellular Shot on Bus no. 30 (with David Barbi)

2012 - Als de zon (DVD, 3 poems, translated into Dutch, on music by Dietrich Lohff and performed by the choir 'Stem des Volks' from Holland)

2014 - The Middle East Project - Ronny Someck reads (in Hebrew) his poems 'Revenge of the stuttering Child' and 'Patriotic poem'
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