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Ronny Someck - his work translated

In Albanian

  • The Sign of the Bite (Tirane, 2001)
  • Prekla e te Qeshurit (Tirane, 2006)

In Arabic

  • Jasmine (Israel, 1994)
  • And the poem is a gangster’s girl (Paris, 1996)
  • Lion's milk (2010)
  • Bagdad Jérusalem (with Salah Al Hamdani, trilingual Arabic, Hebrew, French 2012)
  • I love her and let the world burn (Raya publishing house, 2022)

In Catalan

  • En paper de vidre (Barcelona, 2000)
  • Amor Pirata (Barcelona, 2006)

In Croatian

  • Poems - special edition on the occasion of Literature Live Festival (Zagreb, 2008)

In English

  • The Fire Stays in Red (USA, 2002)
  • In 'Fifteen Iraqi Poets' the poem 'Jasmine: Poem on Sandpaper' (New Directions Books, USA, 2013)
  • The Milk Underground (White Pine Press, 2015)
  • God's Candy Bag (USA, 2021)

In French

  • Nés à Bagdad (with Abdul Kader El Janabi) (Paris, 1998)
  • Constat de beaute (Luxembourg, 2008)
  • Les Poètes de la Méditerranée (anthology 24 countries, French and 17 languages) (Paris, 2010)
  • Bagdad Jérusalem (with Salah Al Hamdani, trilingual Arabic, Hebrew, French) (Paris, 2012)
  • L'insurrection poétique (anthology 110 poets) (Paris, 2015)
  • Deux Enfants de Bagdad (with Salah Al Hamdani) (Paris, 2015)
  • Le baiser de la poésie, 24 poèmes d’amour de Yehuda Amichaï et Ronny Someck (Levant, 2016)
  • Le piano ardent (Paris, 2017)
  • Lettres Imaginaires (Ségust, 2021)
  • Cristal Blues (Ségust, 2022)
  • La poésie n'est pas une métaphore (Levant, 2023)

In German

  • Nägel (Maastricht, 2012)

In Italian

  • Il Rosso Catalogo della Parola Tramonto, Il Laboratorio di Nola (Napoli, 2001)
    Limited edition, eight poems in Hebrew by Ronny Someck translated into Italian by Lina Angioletti and Aline P'nina Tayar
    and five watercolours and aquatint by Fausta Squatriti
  • Il Bambino Balbuziente (Mesogea, Sicily 2008)

In Macedonian

  • Wheat (Skopje, 2005)
  • Asphalt Dragons (Skopje, 2011)

In Nepali

  • Baghdad, February 1991 - Ni'rala Series (Katmandu, 2009)

In Yiddish

  • I am a pajama Iraqi (H. Levick Publishing House, Tel Aviv, 2008)

In Dutch

  • Blues van de derde zoen (Maastricht, 2010)
  • De blauwe ijsblok bevroren in zijn ogen - Trio van Ronny Someck (Maastricht, 2010)
  • Een persoonlijke maan - Trio no 2 van Ronny Someck (Maastricht, 2011)
  • Mugshot (Maastricht, 2012)

In Danish

  • The brush of the sun (Copenhagen, 2010)

In Portuguese

  • Gol de esquerda (Brazil, 2012)
  • Carta a Fernando Pessoa (Brazil, 2015)

In Spanish

  • El Paraíso del Arroz - Poemas & Dibujos (Mexico, 2013)
  • Yo la amo y que el mundo arda - Trilce Ediciones (Mexico, 2018)

In Russian

  • The Leopard and the Glass Slipper - Knizhnoe obozrenie, tr:Lenna Baibikov (Moskva, 2014)

In Turkish

  • The Ballad of Alcohol valley, tr: Muesser Yeniay (Siiri) (Turkey, 2014)

In Hungarian

  • 'The Thirst Epidemic' - Hebrew-Hungarian anthology containing forty contemporary Israeli poets, compiled by Rami Saari and translated by Uri Asaf and Marno János (publisher Kalligram Hungary 2016)


Translations of his poems have appeared in anthologies and poetry journals in 39 languages.

Yo la amo y que el mundo arda Ronny Someck - God's Candy Bag Ronny Someck Cristal Blues