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Ronny Someck - news 2013 and older



December 10th 2013

Ronny Someck visited Mexico

During the first week of December Ronny Someck visited Mexico for the presentation of his Spanish book of Poems 'El Paraíso del Arroz' (Poemas & Dibujos).

Read an article (in Spanish) > here

        Left to right: Liora and Ronny Someck


left to right:
Ronny Someck, Silvia Eugenia Castillero and David Grossman



November 11th 2013

Article of Ronny Smoeck in the BGU Review


The new volume of the electronic journal BGU Review, fall 2013, is dedicated to the works of authors and poets of the second generation of the 1950s immigration to Israel. All of these writers are the children of immigrants from Arab countries, with the exception of Leah Aini,

Read the article of Ronny Someck called 'The Ballet Dance of the Pita in the Hummus Plate'

If you want to read all the articles, please visit their internetpage.

The BGU Review is a multidisciplinary journal that appears in English, sponsored by the Heksherim Institute at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The journal presents translations of seminal essays and research regarding various areas of Israeli culture.


November 7th 2013

Exhibition Eye Territory


Ronny Someck is one of the artists of the exhibition 'Eye Territory'.

Opening: november 8th 2013, 2:00 pm.

The Diaghilev
56 Mazeh St. Tel Aviv
Opening Hours: every day 11:00-18:00.

Other artists are Ofra Ohana / Anisa Ashkar / Itay Benit / Shiri Bar-On Shani Barber-Ivgi / Shoshanna Givon / Sivan Gross / Ilan Dotan Nurit Witkon / Michael Yagudin / Ori Nir / Erez Solo Rimon / Yonat Cintra / Chava Polivoda / Meirav Cozac Hagit kazinitz / Fabio Rosenthal Kahn.

Read the invitation > here



October 23th 2013

Exhibition Feather and Lead 24 october 2013 - 12 january 2014

The Feather and Lead exhibition is a photographic correspondence with the poems of Ronny Someck.
It is a project of the Department of Photography & Media featuring Julia Berezina | Maria Portnoy | Avia Weiss | Sophie Brooks | Nati Gold Roni Schweid Hazzan | Roi Kal Hai | Anat Finkelstein
Curated by: Professor Micha Kirshner

Exhibition: 24 October 2013 – 12 January 2014
The Gallery The NB Haifa School of Design

Read the Press Release > here

See some photographs > here



October 7th 2013




july 30th 2013

  Read the article 'The Face / Ronny Someck' in Haaretz Magazine Friday, june 28, 2013 > here



july 14th 2013


On june 21th was the opening of the exhibition 'Mediterraneo sei tu' in Palazzo del Governo in Siracusa, Italy.
Ronny Someck is one of the artists.

Other artists are Naguib Mafhuz, Adonis, Moncef Ghachem, Mahmoud Ch’Albi, Fabio Iemmi, Biagio Guerrera, Sonia Maklouf, Giovanni Robustelli, Ouejdane Mejri, Afef Hagi, Raed Tarrab, Rosario Bruno, Laura Casielles, Carmen Camacho, Aldo Palazzolo, Paola Ghirotti, Hela Hammar, Khaled Mattawa, Roberto steve Gobesso, Kali Jones, Sasha Vinci, Irene Catalfamo, Abderrahmane Djelfaoui, La Casa dei Burattini di Otello Sarzi.



july 13th 2013


See a poem from Ronny Someck on a sink.

From : "Plasson exhibition IDDesighn".



july 13th 2013

Ronny Someck and Salah Al Hamdani made a promotour through France to promote their book 'Bagdad – Jérusalem, à la lisière de l’incendie' 23th - 27th june 2013.








february 23th 2013


The magazine Seneca Review number 42 spring / fall 2012 published nine poems of Ronny Someck.

You will find them on page 44 - 53, and you can read them > here






January 28th 2013

Ronny Someck visited Holland 6-10-2012

On friday december 7th he was invited for a reading in Eindhoven, together with poets as Willem van Toorn, Ineke Holzhaus en Ester Naomi Perquin.
On saturday there was in Maastricht a presentation of two new books: 'Mugshot', which he made together with the Dutch poet Hans van de Waarsenburg, and 'Nägel'.
On sunday he was invited for a concert of the choir 'Stem des volks' who sang together with an orchestra three poems of Ronny Someck.

Here are some pictures.

  Ronny Someck in the Dutch snow


Ronny Someck in Eindhoven   The presentation in Maastricht
From left to right: Hans van de Waarsenburg, Ronny Someck and publisher Hennie Jetzes


In Maastricht after the concert


Poster Eindhoven   In Maastricht after the concert   Poster Maastricht



November 9-16 2012

Ronny Someck was one of the poets of The Journey of Oriental Poetry at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

With the Iraqi poet Kalid Al Maaly   With the poettranslator Moacir Amancio



November 1-3 2012

Ronny Someck was present at the 1st International Poetry in Mardin Mardin Artuklu University Turkey 1-3 November 2012.
On the pictures you see him with Yinon Muallem (music) and with Mehmet Sait Toprak.




July 30st 2012

Ronny Someck read 'Bagdad Jerusalem, à la lisière de l'incendie', on the festival 'Voix Vives, de méditerranée en méditerranée', Sète, France, july 23st 2012.




July 27st 2012

Ronny Someck has been awarded the Cross of The Order of The Knights for a Distinguished Service, at the embassy of Poland in Tel-Aviv handed by the Polish ambassador, and signed by the President of the Polish Republic, Bronislaw Komorowski.





June 16th 2012

Ronny Someck was one of the guest poets of the poetry festival 'Poetry on the Road' in Bremen, Germany (may 30th - june 4th 2012).
Here are some pictures.

More information about the festival > here







Oktober 12th 2011

Ronny Someck performed in Catania, Italy with Eyal Maoz and the Pocket Poetry Orchestra 17/10/2010 (see announcement and three pictures).

Photography: Carmen Cardillo (the teacher) and Dario Alberghina and Clara Saitta (two students of the art academy)





Oktober 12th 2011


Ronny Someck was one of the guests of the Festival International de la Poésie in Trois Rivière, Canada 30th september - 9th Oktober 2011.


August 31th 2011


Ronny Someck was one of the guests of Struga Poetry Evenings in Macedonia, August 2011.


May 31th 2011


American poet Mark Strand, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, essayist and translator, visited Tel Aviv University on May 25, 2011.

Mark Strand read his poems in English, and translator Uzi Weill and Israeli poets translations in Hebrew.


May 31th 2011

Ronny Someck's body-map from "mapping" during the 54th venice biennale 2011.



April 12th 2011

Ronny Someck made a cd called 'Drum Solo' with 'P'gooay Mo'ach'.
See also > here

november 12th 2010

Ronny Someck took part in the exhibition 'Resonance Boxes - artists transform violin cases' at the Rubin Museum, Tel Aviv.
This is his contribution:


Black ants crawl over nicotine-stained fingertips
dipping a mint leaf into the glass.
The alcohol dismantles Abd al-Wahab's' Cleopatra'.
Now all is clear
solo violin
solo flute
solo out

We're solo arak

november 12th 2010

Ronny Someck read his poem 'The day after' in Rabin's Memorial at Rabin's square, Tel Aviv on the 23th october 2010.
See a filmimpression > here

november 12th 2010

Ronny Someck was one of the guests of the Festival Internazionale di Letteratura Ebraica, Roma, Italy (9-13 october 2010).> here

september 14th 2010

Hear Ronny Someck read his poem 'Tractors' here > here

See a few pages from his book 'Blues van de derde zoen' > here

august 4th 2010


Ronny Someck was one of the guests of the Festival de poésie 'Voix Vives' in Sète, France (23-31 july 2010).
One of the other guests was the exile Iraqian poet Salah El-Hamdani.

Read more > here

Ronny Someck's poem 'Love's offside' was translated into Danish for the magazine 'Goldberg'.
Read the poem > here

june 25th 2010

Department of design, Visual communication pathway. School of Arts, Kibbutzim college of education made typography for Ronny Someck's poetry.

june 10th 2010

Ronny Someck's poem 'Love's offside' was translated into Danish for the magazine 'Goldberg'.
Read the poem > here

june 9th 2010

On june 6th Ronny Someck received the 'Ramat Gan prize for poetry 2010'.
See a picture > here

june 2th 2010

Read Ronny Someck's 'Sun sonnet', written at the beginning of the 46th annual Hebrew Book Week.

may 19th 2010

Wednesday april 28th, President Shimon Peres hosted an encounter between Jewish and Arab writers and poets to discuss literary creativity as a cultural bridge. One of them was Ronny Someck. See some pictures en read the article in The Jerusalem Post > here

may 17th 2010

Ronny Someck visited Holland march 8th - march 13th 2010. Some pictures > here